Al fresco eating, while soaking up the history of Dartmouth, is one for the bucket list, and with take away meals available from Bayards Cove Inn, you can walk just a few feet from the front door, find a bench or perch on the harbour side, and soak up the history while tucking into some delicious food.

If it fits in one of its biodegradable boxes, you can take it away!

Sandwiches, made with Dartmouth bakery bread, include Tracy’s Handpicked Dartmouth crab, Devon Honey Roast Ham, and Brie and Onion Marmalade, all served with Burts Chips, fried just down the road in Plymouth.

Salad bowls are full of goodness and your box will be piled high. Perhaps you’d like vegan falafel and roasted vegetables or goats cheese and onion marmalade or grilled Devon chicken breast with avocado and toasted pine nuts or one of a number of other choices.

Or you may just fancy a slice of cake and a cup of tea, or a box of chips and a pint of Bays Brewery ale.

Whatever you fancy, grab a takeaway and then take a stroll. It is a fact well known that Bayards Cove Inn is one of Dartmouth’s oldest buildings. Steeped in history, if its walls could talk they’d speak of fishermen, traders, and perhaps the odd smuggler or two.

Just a few steps away is Bayards Cove, possibly one of Dartmouth’s better known names, which was once a cacophony of sound as hauls from a multitude of sea going vessels were landed.

A few steps further on and you’ll find Bayards Cove Fort, a Tudor fort built between 1522 and 1536. It contained heavy guns to protect town from attack and was the last line of defence against enemy ships that had eluded Dartmouth and Kingswear Castles and the iron chain stretched across the Dart estuary between them.

So come along, grab some takeaway food from Bayards Cove Inn and savour the atmosphere of a very special town.