Dear Diary

6 October 2018:  Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr what a day at Tweseldown!!  I am an A.MAZE.ING eventer now, my mum told me so.  At the time she was wearing a very fetching pair of sopping wet canary showing breeches and had a towel on her head – a bit embarrassing tbh but as she was also turning a bit blue I forgave her for not being as smart as I expect the Badminton horses’ riders are.


Today I went to Tweseldown to do the BE80, my friend Dolly and her mum Becky hitched a lift with us in my lorry (Princess Betty says it is HER lorry and I am just borrowing it, but I shall call it mine if I want to).  The forecast had been ominous and my mum and Dolly’s mum were each hoping the other one would say they didn’t want to go, but they were too stubborn to admit they would rather stay home and eat cake so off we went.  Dolly and I aren’t so committed, we were perfectly happy to share hay and stay in the lorry,  but I am an obliging sort so when mum got me out to do the circle stuff I happily got on with it.  There were lots of people with scary things called umbrellas standing around the white board square rings (scary enough without the umbrellas) and wearing coats that were flapping in the wind.


It was a good job I had had my Vetrocalm to help me breathe!  I breathed so well I smashed out a 23 to lead the dressage.  Mum was pleased and got changed into a new [dry] outfit to celebrate.  Showjumping was VERY windy and wet, I think the wind blew a pole down as I jumped very high over all the scary fillers.


Mum pronounced herself happy with my efforts, especially as she could hardly see the jumps, then she put on yet another outfit (including the aforementioned canary breeches).  Dolly’s mum hadn’t brought an extensive wardrobe with her so she was dripping all over Dolly’s saddle and her hands were frozen on the reins – as we set off XC Doll asked me if her mum was still onboard (she’s only little) and I confirmed she was so Dolly sped off.


I was next to go and I admit I wasn’t sure whether I should go slowly so mum could see better, but she kept saying “go Mouse, GO” and “jump Mouse JUMP” so I galloped (ok fastish cantered) and I jumped and I jumped and I jumped – and then I got confused coming out of the water as there were lots of options and I missed the tiny jump right under my nose so I stopped to inspect it – the man in the car (lucky dry man!) said “first refusal”, then cheek of it, I didn’t refuse I was just clarifying my route!


I jumped once I realised which one and then we galloped(ish) home with mum shouting good boy at me.  I was so pleased to see my lorry and Dolly, and Dolly had visitors who all gave me treats too.  Dolly and I got dried off and then our mums went and put on even more different clothes – my mum actually had a toweling dressing gown, I’m so glad she didn’t show that to the lorry park!  My evening tea had some Vetrofen Intense in it, just what I needed after a hard day.


The middle of October 2018:  Now I am an official eventer I think I should go jumping every weekend.  In real life mum has decided that my dressage at Tweseldown was so good I should do something called “qualify for Winter Regionals”.  That sounds even colder than eventing in the rain….  Mum said as I am brown it makes winter competing easier, I wonder what she means?  I asked Betty and she said it means I am not as beautiful as her.


The end of October 2018:  [insert hands over eyes emoji] Mum has got the bit right between her teeth, with the other two on holiday she has decided now is the time to “get some music sorted”.  We went to a clinic where a nice lady shouted out movements to me and I did them over and over again then she videoed it.  She said that’s a floor plan and her friend will send us some music.  I went home and told Jack, he laughed and laughed so hard he had to go and have a little snooze, I think he said ” eventer, yeah right, when I qualified for Badminton grassroots no one made me dance to music to celebrate” but he was laughing so hard I couldn’t hear properly.  Humph.  I’ll show him…


November 2018:  The music has arrived, mum has a watch on her wrist that plays it very loudly – we had one practice and off we went to dance in public.  Did I mention I’m amazing?  I got over 70% so that’s one qualifying score down (we need two).  I feel fantastic at the moment, vetroflex helps me cope with all this cold weather.


The following weekend we went out again, no pressure but mum has to go away for work so this was our first and last chance to get our second score. Oh yeah, just call me – mission accomplished.  I finished my non music qualifications too.  Then mum went to America for work.  Betty checked in to the spa for a little holiday as she’s a princess, me and Jack stayed at home to have a lads week of getting muddy.


December 2018:  Is all about “dressage training” and “jumping clinics”.  I like these, sometimes Dolly joins me and the pair of us try to snort louder than the other one.  Some horses say their mums get scared of snorting but ours just laugh.  Betty says I should see the moves she busted when she was younger than me, I’ve got her to thank that mum is so blasé about it all (maybe that was before mum knew about Vetrocalm?).


January 2019:  Happy new year!!!  It’s SHOWTIME – I am preparing the world for my pre Regionals campaign and have made it my mission to score over 70% on all of my dressage outings.  Meanwhile Jack is allowed to start canter work which makes mum very happy (Jack says he is going to test out her stickability for me).  Betty is supervising and says she’ll come out with us when the weather is better!


19 January 2019:  Best day of the year so far: Dolly and I went back to Tweseldown for XC schooling and although it was cold it was much warmer and drier than in October.  Our mums wore big coats and went quite red in the face as we did very fast galloping and jumping, we were BRILLIANT, and everyone was very happy.  Talk has turned to entries for the 2019 season, we think we’ll aim for Poplar, whatever that means?


End of January 2019:  Not only did I get over 70% again I also won money, I ask mum what I can spend it on and she says I am going for a pre Regionals practice at a big show….


The start of February 2019:  Off we trucked to a big show centre, mum has a cough and sore throat but I have had my jabs and am having a booster next week to be responsible.  I also take daily Vetrofen to keep me in tip top condition.  Mum is excited about this outing, although she tells me not to worry, sometimes a bad dress rehearsal means a great actual performance.  I can help with that I think to myself!  I love my mum and want her to have the best possible preparation, so I make a mousetake in both tests – just enough to keep me off the top spots and lull the competition into a false sense of security.  Clever me J.  When we get home mum gets Jack’s dressage saddle and his bling bridle out and takes him off to our big arena looking very excited.  I hope she doesn’t take him for the big day instead of me….he told me he was in the top ten at the regionals when he went…


Please keep your fingers crossed for Mouse Ashwell in 2019!  Thanks readers xx