Bicton Arena has announced that work has begun on a new all-weather arena providing valuable additional space on a surface for competitions, warming-up at multi-day shows and a cross country track during the winter.

The new arena, which will be constructed on the site of the well known Webb Arena, will measure 70 metres by 60 metres using a Martin Collins surface.

Arena manager Helen West said: “This will be a fantastic addition to our facilities that will greatly enhance the competitions already staged here. The arena will be used across the disciplines of show jumping, eventing and dressage, and will also provide invaluable warm-up space at our  larger showjumping shows which attract several hundred competitors. In the winter the space will be used for cross country schooling and competitions.”

It is also hoped that the additional arena, which will work alongside the existing Everys all-weather arena, will encourage even more riders to head to the West Country.

Helen explained: “For the past five years Bicton Arena has enjoyed a sustained period of growth, and by listening to our competitors we hope that trend will continue. When we canvassed them they said another all-weather arena would greatly enhance what we already offer so we set the ball in motion.”

Sponsors of the arena are Western Counties Equine Vets who are also opening a new branch at Bicton. Practice partner Simon Joyner said: “It is fantastic to be associated with such a great venue that is run by a dynamic and forward thinking team and we are delighted to be sponsoring the arena. We are also pleased to be opening a new Bicton branch, where clients can bring their horses for investigations and routine treatments, adding to the work we already do at Bicton at its BE competitions and larger showjumping shows.”

Western Counties Equine Vets will officially open the arena on the evening of April 22, at a launch party during the venue’s BE international horse trials. There will be drinks, light refreshments and a presentation by surgeon David Stack on “Maximising Performance of Competition Horses: The Role of Your Vet.”