A new partnership between a British saddlepad manufacturer Griffin NuuMed and a leading jumps trainer Jeremy Scott, could see back problems associated with training racehorses a thing of the past.

NuuMed specialise in creating numnahs and saddlepads with a strong emphasis on using the correct materials and manufacturing techniques to ensure the perfect fit for your saddle. Working alongside Jeremy Scott, the team are now in the design process of creating a saddlepad that will reduce common injuries found in racehorses caused by pressure points on the horse’s back.

Jeremy said: “Back issues with thoroughbreds are very common, and more often than not caused by the tack used. Regular pressure on the withers and spine will lead to back pain, which in turn will effect performance.”

Both Jeremy and Rosie believe there is scope to test different materials for saddle pads to spread the load of the jockey and saddle.

NuuMed’s Managing Director Rosie Pocock said: “We’ve been looking at different products that we will be testing to see if we can make a difference and create a saddlepad which can absorb pressure yet be lightweight enough to be used in races.”

The new racing saddlepad is currently being trialled in Jeremy Scott’s racing yard and should be available on the market early 2017.