Awe-inspiring, stunning and breathtaking are words that are spoken with regularity when people describe Dartmoor. But professional photographer Malcolm Snelgrove, an ambassador for Visit Dartmoor,  wanted to convey what it’s like to experience this magnificent landscape from the back of a horse and while words, he says, can conjure up an image it is pictures that will make a more lasting impression.  So he recently teamed up with a Babeny Farm Riding Stables and leading equestrian clothing company Toggi to create photographs that would exhilarate, beguile and tempt people to take up the reigns and experience that very special connection with nature only riding horses in an outstanding setting can give.

Malcolm selected vantage points near Haytor and Saddletor to capture iconic images of four riders that would create a visual impact to both promote Dartmoor as a leading global horse riding location while illustrating the versatility of Toggi clothing.

The grey granite tors offered a stark contrast against the vibrant greens of the vegetation that had been freshened by recent rain and the resultant images are breathtaking.

“It was a wonderful day and the weather was just right. The absolute pleasure the riders and horses had being together and riding over the moor is almost palpable in the images and I hope it encourages more people to come to Dartmoor and take up the reins,” said Malcolm.

Dee Dee Sibley, who supplied one of the horses, is the first female tenant farmer on the Duchy-owned Babeny Farm for 750 years. She combines farming a pedigree herd of South Devon’s with her trekking and livery business where she is determined to provide riding opportunities for all levels of abilities, including people who might never have sat on a horse before.

“Riding on Dartmoor is such a unique and incredible experience and spending time in nature on a horse seems to renew your sense of enchantment of life. They are the essence of nature and I don’t think there is any better way to reconnect and to be inspired. We’re lucky at Babeny to have such wonderful kind horses and we hope that people will feel inspired by Malcolm’s stunning photos to visit Dartmoor come and give horse riding a go,” said Dee Dee.