High tide barbeques at The Millbrook Inn, South Pool are a much loved summer tradition in South Devon. Whether its  an annual pilgrimage for those on their yearly visit to the South Hams, or a regular jaunt for others, borrowed, hired or owned boat’s make their way peaceful journey down the South Pool creek, where a cacophony of birdsong accompanies the route until it ends at the mooring, just a hundred yards or so from the pub.

The smell of delicious, tender meat, raised and grazed at nearby Holsome Park, being cooked to perfection on the outside grills fills the air as you make your way to the courtyard, and by the time you are at The Millbrook your appetite is fully whetted.

Pulled pork, home made burgers and halloumi burgers accompanied by fresh salad and sautéed potatoes, are on the barbeque menu, with the option to choose from dishes prepared by award winning chef Jean-Philippe Bidart that are served everyday.

A gentle stream behind the pub charms little feet, while benches and tables in the courtyard add to the pubs renowned relaxed atmosphere where food is to be enjoyed, savoured and celebrated.

Pints of local ales, bitters and ciders, a glass of carefully selected wine or a juice picked, squashed and bottled in Devon wash down the flavours until its time to turn seaward and take the gentle journey back home, the turning tide dictating that the hour and half window either side of high tide has passed.