Photography workshops on Dartmoor with its famous Clydesdales as the subject make for extraordinary photographic opportunities.

The Adventure Clydesdales are based at Brimpts in the heart of Dartmoor, and these gentle giants convey people across the moorland, affording them a dramatic and different perspective of this visually stunning landscape.

Photographing the Clydesdale as they explore the moorland is an unforgettable way to experience a landscape that can take your breath away.

Its 368 square miles is an artist’s canvas of sweeping vistas, high granite tors, steep wooded valleys and huge tracts of rolling moorland that is beguiling, breathtaking and inspiring.

The Clydesdales are surprisingly nimble, but still they evoke a real sense of nostalgia, and you can’t help but be thankful to these wonderful horses as they stride on across the moorland and you learn how to take images, whether they are walking or enjoying a full out gallop.

We’ll take you to all the insider spots, so you can track their progress, look through your viewfinder with you, and show you how to capture that perfect photo you’ve always wanted to take.

We’ll help you gain a solid understanding of your camera, the fundamental photographic principles and best practices for lighting so that your photos always improve.

You’ll learn about aperture, shutter speed and ISO, why light is always the most important subject, composition and what it actually is, what makes a really great shot.

Once you’ve learned to create your images we’ll critique your work and give you a clear idea of how to improve.

This workshop is an opportunity to experience Dartmoor and the Clydesdales through your camera’s viewfinder while creating some of the best images of your life.