International event rider Coral Keen has a wealth of experience which is put to good use when it comes to training horses, and teaching and mentoring riders. She has teamed up with Horse and Hound as a regular “agony aunt” answering readers questions.

Here is her latest solution to a problem encountered by many riders.

“Achieving consistent contact — My mare is only seven so we are still establishing balance and so on. She is consistent within the paces but struggles to maintain contact up and sometimes down the transitions mainly walk to trot and trot to canter. She will poke her head up then needs a correction before coming back onto a contact and mainly maintaining it throughout. She tends to relax down into the contact when coming down through the transitions apart from walk to halt. I think it’s due to needing to gain strength — she is built slightly downhill so I know this makes it more difficult for her. Her teeth, back and general health are all fine so I think it’s just a baby type of problem. Any tips or exercises greatly appreciated.”

Read Coral’s answer here.

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