Explore the Two Moors Way from Ivybridge


Vast, beguiling and breathtaking, Dartmoor is home to spectacular scenery where the landscape is etched with evidence of centuries of human involvement.

There are cairns, hut circles, stone rows and the remains of hundreds of years of tin mining, interspersed on a landscape that is punctuated with granite tors.

But did you know that Ivybridge is at the tip of one of the most impressive prehistoric structure on Erme plains, the Upper Erme Row that stretches in a line for over 3,320 metres.

It’s a place that urges you to don your walking boots, pack up your back pack with food and drink, and explore this incredible area that is right on our doorstep.

Pick up the Two Moors National Way, a 117-mile route that starts at Wembury and concludes at Lynmouth, at Stowford Moor Gate. Or drive to the carpark at Harford and head onto the open moorland in an easterly direction.

This is probably the most testing section of the root. The old Redlake Railway is followed for six miles north, through barren and lonely moorland.

As you follow the Two Ways Moor north, you’ll find Ugborough Moor, which has the remains of two of only a handful of Neolithic burial mounds on Dartmoor at Corringdon Ball and Butterdon Hill.

All the hill summits in this area are occupied by large prehistoric round stone-built burial mounds that command extensive views over much of the South Hams.

Find out more about the prehistoric settlements on Ugborough Moor here.

Exploring the moor right on our doorstep is a wonderful way to while away the hours, and keep fit too.

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There are also plenty of places that offer guided walks on Dartmoor.

Here are just a few – do let us know of any others.


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