Renowned actress Susan Jameson has added another string to her illustrious bow with the publication of her first children’s novel, Pony Tails.

Susan is well known for her work on TV, starring in many popular programmes such as the BBC crime drama New Tricks, where she portrayed Esther Lane between 2003 and 2013, Midsommer Murders and Grandpa In My Pocket. She has also dabbled in screen writing, including writing three episodes for the famed children’s series The Hoobs.

But now Susan has penned her first book which is a part autobiographical work based on some of the ponies she and her family have owned.

Published by Forelock Books, which specialises in children’s books with an equestrian theme, the book is about four amazing ponies, a Welsh Cob, a Connemara, an Exmoor and a Shetland, and the people whose lives they changed.

Susan, a proud septuanganarian and wife of the acclaimed actor James Bolam, said: “I’ve always written little bits and pieces over the years and I write a regular article for our village magazine. I love writing and having had ponies since our daughter was small, about 30 years ago, there have been a lot of stories to tell.”

Several ponies have been rescued by Susan and her family, to live a life of luxury at her West Sussex home, and Susan started to write about their exploits but it wasn’t until she met Forelock Books Michelle Charman that the opportunity arose to turn her words into print.

“Michelle actually lives about five minutes from me so it was wonderful to meet her. She publishes beautiful books, all with the intent of encouraging children to read, and it is lovely to be in her stable of authors,” said Susan.

There are plans in the pipeline to write more books. “I have several stories in my head and am hoping to get them onto paper soon, as I think perhaps I was always meant to write!   I don’t always have it all planned out, just a vague story arc in my head. Then I sit down and start the business of writing, which I really enjoy. Sometimes story solutions just come to me out of the ether, which always takes me by surprise! My mum and my grandmother used to write, so maybe it runs in the family.”

Michelle added: “Susan is so supportive of Forelock Books and comes to all our stands when she can. We had a wonderful time at Olympia last year where she did a book signing in front of a packed audience. It was quite hilarious that a lot of the children were referring to her as Great Aunt Loretta from her character in Grandpa in My Pocket! We are very much looking forward to continuing our association in the future.”


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